our story and our bags

As a busy Mum of four children life is constantly juggling work, home responsibilities & chauffeuring kids to and
from school and other activities; swimming lessons, karate, netball, sailing, tee ball, Scouts, footy and ballet. Thrown in my love of the beach, the outdoors and holidays- life is pleasantly chaotic.

I had a multitude of bags for all these different activities. Work bags, beach bags, gym bags, swimming bags, nappy bags. I would leave the house not only juggling the kids, but juggling bags. I needed one multi-function bag that was practical to use while wrangling children and was still classically stylish to look good when I was adulting.

Returning to Western Australia after over a decade of travelling and living away, culminated in the creation of mbcollective totes.

The search is now over for the perfect tote that is not only classically stylish, but versatile and practical for whatever your day throws at you. With a waterproof lining for ease of cleaning any wet spills, it also includes an internal cotton pocket to store keys, wallet or your phone. mbcollective totes love to stand tall, holding their shape and each tote comes in its own cotton envelope for ease of storing or as the perfect
pre-wrapped gift.

In two sizes the everyday tote or it’s big sister the weekender tote.

Make your life simpler with one multipurpose tote to get you through your day.

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